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We don’t view SEO

through the same lens

as most online marketers


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Out Source SEO Company India

We don’t view SEO

through the same lens

as most online marketers



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We don’t view SEO

through the same lens

as most online marketers



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We don’t view SEO

through the same lens

as most online marketers




We keep our Client Data very secure. Given access by client must be confidential. we don’t share with our SEO guys. We only share with our Trusted and expert guy.


Our Support team would always help you. You can contact them by Phone, Skype, Email and Whats App in Business hour. If urgent you can contact them any time.

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We will Optimize your page in the best manner. we would keep light images and rich content with exact Keywords number to make your rank easily on every Search Engines.


Our Expert team would make your website SEO Friendly. The would deliver the best result in exact time frame. We work for Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.

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Our SEO Services Cover

Digital marketing agencies focus on goals and measurable results in the digital world. A differentiator of digital agencies in traditional marketing is the ability to measure and analyze data to ensure a positive ROI.

BSSI Technologies is a group of certified professionals in all digital disciplines. We are specialist in strategy and digital analysis. And most importantly, we are the prescriber of your brand.

Once you know what types of SEO Services are the most common, it is time to get into the subject and explain the most typical web positioning services for companies. They are not in certain order, although BSSI Technologies have tried to put the most important ones first. It is very important that you make it very clear what each one consists of and the approximate price so that, when you hire it, you know how to talk about your to your agency or SEO professional.

# 1 Keyword Research

The Keyword Research is the most important part of an SEO project. Before a company or brand, small or large, can create an online marketing strategy to improve it’s positioning and increase its organic traffic (the traffic that comes from search engines like Google), it has to know what keywords it needs to boost.

# 2 web implementation

When you have a good keyword research, it’s time to Website Development to rank for those target keywords. After all, if you don’t have a relevant page on your website for each keyword block (remember the hierarchy), they have no chance of taking the top spots.

# 3 web optimization

There are cases where a page dedicated to a specific topic is already available (which you have typically discovered during keyword research). It is time to analyze that page and optimize it to rank in the search engines. Search engines are, after all, just computers, so they require a helping hand to help them understand the content on a page.

# 4 Link Building

Implementing the target keywords on the page is not the only thing that is done to gain ranking positions in Google. Like it or not, there are thousands of pages on the Internet that also want to rank for those same terms. So what factors does Google take into account when creating your search results.

# 5 Technical Audits

Because Google and other search engines are simply computers, they require extra help when it comes to crawling and understanding your website. Google has created a good number of tools and standards that allow any SEO professional to provide a multitude of details about the content of a website. Our expert search engine optimization service provider should be familiar with these rules and have the necessary tools and knowledge to use them on your website.

# 6 Analysis and cleaning of the link profile

The way and techniques to position a web page have long since changed. Great blame is the abuse of some webmasters and professionals in the sector, who far from playing fair, have used any tool in their power to enhance SEO (using link farms or linking from sites of dubious reputation) and upload positions in the results from Google.

Our Social Media Services

We BSSI Technologies use social media as a lever to encourage your potential customers to take action

A social media marketing strategy is that you are visible to your customers at any time and inspire the confidence that makes them opt for you. To achieve this, we devised and executed a content plan for social networks capable of converting your followers into clients.

Visibility in Social Networks

At every moment, someone is thinking of buying products or services similar to yours. Let’s make you visible so that it takes you into consideration!

Build trust

Let’s make you be perceived as the most attractive option! For this, we take care of each message so that you can inspire trust and credibility with your customers.

Convert Followers

In social networks, we do not focus on harvesting likes but on gathering a community of followers and we work so that they become buyers.

Content for Social Networks

Images, videos, links to articles or landing page … we design a content strategy capable of involving your target audience with your brand.

Social Media Ads

Take advantage of our experience in creating PPC ads to reach an audience of potential customers on Social Media Services.

Results Achieved

We collect in real time the results on the effectiveness of our actions on your social networks in a report that we make available to you.

Our experience in digital marketing

SEO positioning

Our digital professionals know how to put a website on Google’s first page. Use the latest SEO trends to perform ideal actions within our Digital Marketing Service.

Social network

Social networks improve a company’s brand. Community manager diagrams generate valuable content that initiates conversations with your audience. We know what you are saying and compete under our radar.


Web design

The web architecture of your site must accommodate the needs of your target users. With proper web design, users can easily access the web content they are looking for. A Google-compliant website is essential to getting the conversions your business requires.


Google Ads SEM campaigns are the most direct digital way to reach prospects and new customers. Webbing has mastered the design, execution and optimization of different types of advertising campaigns on Google. We manage costs, set conversion goals and measure ROI.

Network analyst

Measuring web traffic opens up new business opportunities. Web Analytics records every action on your website to optimize the online strategy you should follow. Digital analysis is performed daily to monitor user behaviour.

APPS design

Business applications act as mobile tools for interacting with users. The success of mobile applications is based on their creative design, features, adaptability to change, and technical services.


We guarantee professional technical maintenance of your daily effective web hosting. Our servers are at the forefront of functionality for any type of website.

Other main services

We know how to identify your business needs to provide other interesting services: influence marketing, branding, email marketing, content generation…

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Pricing Plans

Powerful and reliable tools for the website audit and SEO analysis

We offer complete SEO packages based on keywords number. Explore our SEO packages Here.

Standard Plan

per month
  • Complete On Page
  • 5-10 Pages
  • Weekly Report
  • 10 Keywords
  • No Social Media

Advanced Plan

per month
  • Complete On page
  • 20+ Pages
  • Weekly Report
  • 20+ Keywords
  • 4 Social Account

Premium Plan

per month
  • Complete On Page
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Weekly Report
  • 50+keywords
  • 10 Social Accounts

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