Best Tips for Content Marketer In The Time of Covid 19 .

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Worlds are suffering from Covid 19 crisis these days. Businesses are going down, even shutting down. Mainly small business owners are worried about future; they don’t have sufficient funds for do digital marketing, SEO Services and for content marketing. Do not need to worry about.

Sharing some ideas for small business owner as well as for digital marketer to create a unique content and increase your sales at small budget.

Content for All– Content Marketing not for only big business owner, even this is compulsory for small business owners, startup, new business owners, mean for all type of business owner, doesn’t matter the size of your business, your revenue, number of employs you have. You can target more customers and increase your sales. Content marketing is the best option for travel industries, health industries, school industries, education care, any type of online courses, fashion designing courses, online English training courses, and online technical courses e.t.c in the time of Covid 19.

More Engagement on Social Platforms – In the time of Covid 19, all business is shutdown, offices are closed and all are working from homes. These days, engagement of peoples are increasing on social media platforms like facebook, twitters, LinkedIn and instagram e.t.c. Post on regular basis, join business related groups  and share unique about your services , products , your offers. You can also tell your stories on various social media websites. Social Media and Content Marketing interdependent over the last few years. You can also start Paid campaign on lower budget to increase your awareness and visibilities.

Show your existence – We are facing the Covid 19 crisis, business is getting shutdown, in this cases must tell your customers/consumers that your strongly exists. Keep sharing health posts with all information about your products/services and try for decent offer likes other doing.  Content with offer attract more customers and help to increase visibilities and sales.

Explain Everything– Just tell your customers about your products/services, about your company information, about your offers.  Content is the king, content will should tell stories which make understand your users. If you are helping through your company to anyone, tell your customer with content marketing.

Budget and Time – The most common issues of business owners about content marketing is budget and time. They don’t have enough budget to do content marketing but don’t forget , content marketing can increase your visibilities and sales in short period of time. Budget and time is a common issue for startup and small business owners, but you have to invest a small amount first. You can get a little money from your savings, from profits of your traditional businesses. You can also manage your time to create unique contents.

Make a proper schedule  for content creation – you have 24 hours a day, find some time in your busy schedule and start writing, no need to complete a whole content in an hour or in a days. Divide content in paragraphs, complete one paragraph today and leave rest part of content for other days. One weekly content is decent enough for starting phase. So just good planning can reduce your burdens. Decide a dates to publish the content and plan accordingly.

Be Punctual – Before start writing content see at your calendars and pick the start date and end date.  Complete your content writing task before deadlines ends. Mostly people do these mistakes, they don’t write content within the required time limit and fails.

Track your content – don’t forget to track your content, you can easily track your visitors on social media; your most viewed or shared content on social media.

Ask for feedback– Ask your customers or viewers to post a comments or feedbacks. If anyone shows negative comments, done be panic, try to fix those issues and next time makes your customers/viewers happy.

Keep Patience. Not every price of contents is going to generate sales for you, don’t be panic and keep writings. Profit and loss is a part of business.  like other marketing strategy, content marketing also take some time to generate the best possible results and increase your sales. Keep working is only to road of success.