How can you Choose the Right WordPress Theme For Your Business:

There was an interview conducted with Ross Jones who happens to be the Top Design at Pubcon  in Las Vegas. He provides the best tips on how to select the best WordPress theme for your business. He has been an SEO specialist when Google was not born. With the help of his company, it has made possible to help more than 1000 businesses in improving their websites thereby driving targeted traffic.  So, there were some important things that have been pointed out from the interview which would prove to be very helpful to your business.

  • According to Ross, it is best to avoid any type of themes that try to do much on SEO side. Concentration should be give to have an SEO friendly WordPress theme.
  • There are lots of different inexpensive or even free themes that you can get that proves to be the best for you. So, you need to research well as how to get the right one for you.
  • It is also possible to get lots of different SEO plugins for WordPress. So, there is no reason to get yourself a theme that would make the SEO features more complicated.
  • The Genesis framework from StudioPress is recommended by Ross where one can get to choose from a wide range of different themes for you.
  • Another reason why Ross likes Genesis is that it provides lot of different themes and that too with good SEO features that supports other SEO plugins without any worries at all.