HTTP to HTTPS Migration Process & Challenges

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What is HTTPs- Hypertext transfer protocol secure is a secure version of HTTP. When you enable SSL certificate on your websites, your website URL will be open with HTTPs. You have to go through some process also to make this visible on browser.


When you enable SSL and switch your URL to https, you have to do some task to get back your link you are made with HTTP Url, you need to fix your google analytics setting to analysis your traffics, you need to fix your search console setting to view your data on HTTPs website

Get back your all link

This is a big concern that what will happen with our link, we made for our non SSL certificate domain.Don’t be panic, you will recover atleast 90-95% link authority with your SSL certificate website.You have to use 301 redirection methods for it. You can use .htaccess file to redirect your whole domain with http to https.If you are using wordpress website , you need to go to general setting and change the URL of wordpress URL and website URL to HTTPS.Some time, you need to change the URL from database also. You can take advice with web developer for it.

Google Analytics

No needs to create a new property for Google analytics for SSL certificate websites.If you are using analytics for your domain without SSL and now you enable to SSL for your website, just few step and your google analytics done.

  • Open Google Analytics
  • Open your old website panel
  • Go for admin section
  • Go for property setting
  • Go for default URL and set URL with https and it’s done

You will start seeing your all previous data and new coming traffic data here.

Google Search Console 


if you are already verified with google search console with your old domain/website and want to enable with HTTPS do this

  • Go to Search Console
  • Choose URL prefix and verify
  • Go for Request indexing

This way,  google search console will apply all setting to URL with https. You have to follow all process to get your traffics report and backlinks back. Backlink play a vital roles in SEO, don’t lose them.


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