Local SEO Strategies for Your Online Business

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Over the years there has been tremendous change in SEO from link building to content driven sites. But now SEO is more about planning and strategies in the right way and its important that you emphasize on local SEO technicalities because they have the potential to give better results. AP Web World uses these specific local SEO techniques in their working mechanism to deliver the top SERP rankings for online business.

Here are the five best SEO strategies that are employed for getting maximum traffic from Search Engines.

  1. On-Page Optimization for local keywords

On-page is one of the first practical approaches made by SEO marketers for website promotion. A lot of searches are based on the local area i.e. restaurants in south Delhi or food ‘near me’ which we must taken in account for optimizing the title and Meta description. Generally accepted length is 50 to 60 keywords whereas in descriptions you can add 150 to 160 characters for promoting your web page specifically.

  1. Claiming Local Business in Google

Google my business offers you to enlist online business directly on the Google maps hence claiming your own identity. Similarly Bing places for business also gives you to option for claiming your listing online. Searching using Google or Bing these location searches are the top most searches which can give you high traffic instantly. There is verification process for legitimating your business address but the results can get you into local searches directly.

  1. Local Directories and Citations

There are local directories and citation which are best for promoting your business online like Yelp which on registration authorizes your website online presence plus driving traffic too. Registering your Business name, address and mobile number on citation sites gives you the right path for promoting business in that particular place. These local directories enlisting will in turn work in tandem for keywords promotion in Search engine as they often crawl these websites for information regularly.

  1. Using Local Structured mark up

Structured markup information can be fed directly into the search engine result behavior by just adding specific schema markup. You can choose main products, reviews, events to be held for attracting larger audience through organic traffic. There are tools in the Search Console (Google Webmaster) that are used for building the right markup with checking and testing available too. Data Highlighter and Rich Cards uses information from these Schema tags for enhancing information in Search results.

  1. Mobile Strategies

Smartphone and Mobiles searches have now taken over the desktop Google searches. So your business needs to have specific plans for Mobile display of websites. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Google functionality allows instantly loading of mobile websites with high preference in search results too. Speech searches have begun in mobiles which force us to work on small keywords strategies rather long typed desktop searches.

AP WebWorld is professional digital marketing company offering result oriented SEO services in India. Our team uses latest trends and strategies to deliver top level performance in SERP ranking. For more than 6 years we have served clients across the globe with our long term SEO solutions