Real business and customers are getting hurt for huge fake google maps listings.

Google says, they are working on it, but still as a local business it can get profit with paid ads.

As per wall street journal report, there are approximately 11 million illegal local businesses are listed in Google maps, and hundred illegitimate businesses are getting listed every month in thousand. Real businesses are going down in search result due to this fake businesses. This fake listing businesses are improving their ability to reach customers and making them easy target for scam.

Some marketer’s concept is, Google did not take this listing problem seriously ever. Some conclusion said in 2017 that, only 0.5% fake listing of local searches Google could observe. After WSJ article was published, Google respond on a blog post that, it is an efforts to mark spam maps and scammers.

Consumer preferences may be impacted by frequency of fake listings. Legitimate local business have to complete all that together for what customers are left. Adding keywords to a GMB profile was a process to rearrange organic visibility and fend from any fake listings, but this rules have put small business in worse position. Google can enforce its current policies to hind current spam tactics.

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