Tips to Outrank Your Competitors with Advanced Keyword

An interview was conducted with Stoney deGeyter of Pole Position Marketing where some interesting some tips were shared to outrank your competitor with the best and advanced keyword research. The interview began with the question asked to Stoney about the best way to research about the right keywords that is targeted by the competitor so as to get the best position ranking for those keywords.

According to the video that was taken, some of the interesting points were known that prove to be very much useful for your purpose. He said that one should try to start with the best knowledge that you have. It can be the different terms that are used everyday in your field. Another important advice that was given by him was to avoid following your competitors blindly in the field of SEO. The reason that was given was very clear for the fact that if you happen to follow them which they are themselves doing the things in the wrong way, then it would make you repeat their mistakes.

Wordtracker and such other keyword research tools are used by Stoney in order to get the right understanding on how people search for the offer that you make. Another important thing that he mentioned was that industries are looked by the businesses from an insider’s perspective, but it can be a completely different way that the user searches for your industry information. Then he went on to provide a very useful example that people who look forward to buy used cars generally enters or types, ‘used cars’ when they make the search. But the same would be typed as. ‘pre-owned’ by the people within the auto industry. So, this would make you miss an important part if you happen to optimize your site for ‘pre-owned vehicles.’

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