What is SSL and why do we need this?

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SSL – SSL Is known as Secure Socket Layer is the security technologies mostly used these days, which establish a secure connection between web server and web browser.  SSL certificate protocol is widely used by ecommerce websites to protect their online transaction with their customers. Not only ecommerce website, all websites owners are start using SSL for their websites. Google also give more value to websites with SSL certificate rather than website without the SSL certificates.SSL keeps your website visitor’s data like online transactions, credit cards, net baking, personal details secure from hackers.

How any one can identify the SSL on your webiste?

Answer – It’s too easy to identify, you can see website is open with HTTPS rather than HTTP with URL.

You can also see a lock symbol just before website URL on web browser.

Benefit of SSL?

There are some basic reasons to use SSL is Google prefer and rank your website better rather than non SSL website.

When customer sees SSL certificates or HTTPS with your website, they trust on your website for any purchasing.

From where you can get SSL & What is the cost involved?

You can purchase SSL certificates from hosting or server providing company like godaddy, 1and1, domain.com and bigrocks e.t.c. Some of hosting provides give SSL with the hosting or you have to purchase.

They charge a decent amount for SSL certificates. Some of other provider also offers free SSL certificates.Cloud flare is one of the best SSL providers without any cost.

You can go through Cloud Flare and simply signup to get their free SSL certificates.

You have any technical knowledge, you can do it easily or you need to take help of their support team or any web developer.

Go and signup, add your domain , choose the free plan.

They would provide you’re the name sever, to add the name server on your domain you have to login with domain service providers website and put all information. They will guide you step by step.

Go and get a free SSL certificates and make your customers/visitors sure for the security of online transaction with your website.

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